Early Intermediate

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Signature Solos, Book 3      ▪ Piano Solo Collection▪


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Each collection in the Signature Solos series includes all-new piano solos by favorite Alfred composers in a variety of musical styles. Every solo was written for its appealing sound and ability to further the technical and musical growth of the student. These solos can be played either formally in recitals or informally for friends and family!


Titles include: Cloud Forests (Ted Cooper) * Nocturne (Ted Cooper) * Outfoxed! (W. T. Skye Garcia) * New Day (Chris Goldston) * Stomp! (Kathy Holmes) * Dance of the Gypsies (Martha Mier) * Mystery of the Black Diamond (Wynn-Anne Rossi) * Looking Through the Mist (Robert D. Vandall) * Jazz Riff (Melody Bober) *.





Around the World on 88 Keys, Book 1      ▪ Piano Solo Collection▪

Piano students can enhance their musical imaginations by exploring new sounds through new places. Book 1 contains original piano solos that embrace the musicality, colors and rhythms of seven different destinations.  

Each piece is preceded by two pages of information that includes practice suggestions, tips for realizing the mood of the piece, and interesting sightseeing facts.

Titles include: The Rocky Mountains, Istanbul, Kingston, Kyoto, the Chesapeake Bay, Buenos Aires, and the Canary Islands.

Clash of the Sabers      ▪ Solo Sheet ▪


Clash of the Sablrs recreates the drama of a sword fight in this bold solo. The eighth notes in many different positions on the keyboard imitate the quick footwork, and the open fifths in the bass simulate the clash of sabers when the opponents get close to each other.


Dynamic contrasts and varied articulations help create the drama necessary to maintain excitement!










Odyssey        ▪ Solo Collection ▪

Click here to see a performance of "Starry Night".

Odyssey is a varied and musically sophisticated collection of nine pieces that will engage the musical imagination of early-intermediate players. This collection explores a variety of styles and forms including impressionistic sounds, the blues, and pieces with a contemporary flavor.


Titles include: The Road Home, The Guitarist, Starry Night, Raga, A Morning Walk, Nightmare, A Blue Groove, Nightawks, and Leaves in the Wind.






Solo Adventure! Book 2      ▪ Piano Solo Collection ▪

Click here to see a performance of "Cross Current".

The pieces in this collection are slightly more involved than in Book 1, with more eighth-note motion, chromatic harmony, and a generally greater level of musical sophistication. Each piece paints a picture (Blast Off!, New Moon, Parade) or introduces a familiar piano genre (Ballade, Reverie).

Titles include: Ballade, Blast Off!, Butterfly, Cross Current, New Moon, Parade, and Reverie.