Elementary Music

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Autumn Moon       ▪ Solo Sheet ▪ Alfred 37593

Beginning teens and adults will be attracted to this piece with its gentle, flowing sound. A wide range of the keyboard is used through hand crossings and octave indications. The use of the damper pedal helps make these crossings smooth and seamless. The key of C major and the 4/4 meter aid in quick learning. Slight changes in tempo add to the romantic sound and style of the solo.








Carnival             ▪Solo Collection ▪ Carl Fischer PL1016


This collection eleven character pieces bring to life the sights and sounds of a day at the carnival! These musical and pianistic pieces make for great study and performance  repertoire. 


Titles include: The Acrobat; Balloons for Sale; Bumper Cars; Ferris Wheel; Fortune Teller; Fun House; Pony Ride; Roller Coaster; Space Walk; World's Strongest Man and Time to Go Home.







Changing Trains     ▪Piano Solo Sheet ▪ Alfred 22410

Click here to see a performance of "Changing Trains".

The frenzy of a busy train station is depicted through this piece written entirely with intervals of fifths and thirds. In the A section, students are sure to enjoy the catchy rhythmic ostinato that uses blocked intervals. The B section features broken fifths with hand crossings that cover a wide range of the keyboard. The use of the damper pedal helps to create a long, lyrical line. The return of the A section brings this energetic solo to an exciting close.

This piece was selected for the Federation Festivals list 2008-2010.


Noche del Gitano        ▪Piano Solo Sheet ▪ Alfred 37103

To see a performance of "Noche del Gitano", click here.

“Noche del Gitano" means “Night of the Gypsy” in Spanish. Students will have no trouble conveying the descriptive title through the music of this solo. Written in 3/4 meter and the key of A minor, an energetic tempo lends itself to the mysterious mood of the piece. Blocked fifths in the left hand on the down beat of each measure followed by melodic and rhythmic sequences in the right hand create a sense of urgency.


This piece was selected for the Federation Festivals list 2014-2016.




Side by Side, Part 2B ▪Piano Duet (1 paino-4 Hands) ▪ Alfred 0690

Eleven original pieces in a variety of styles, plus three folk song arrangements. Written with eighth notes, dotted quarter notes, and simple syncopations, this book coordinates with The Music Tree, Part 2B. Co-authored with Amy Glennon.

Titles include: Secret Agent Boogie, One Fine Day, Arabian Night, Main Street Rag, Tango, and When Johnny Comes Marching Home.


Solo Adventure! Book 1 ▪Piano Solo Collection ▪ Carl Fischer PL1018

The seven original solos in this collection were composed to give late-elementary students an opportunity to project a musical idea with very focused technical requirements.  Each is a two-page solo.


Titles include:  Dance in D Minor, By the Sea, Sky Watching, On the move, The River, Through a Forest Dark and Nightfall.






Twilight Sky      ▪ Solo Sheet ▪ Alfred 

Click here to watch a performance of "Twilight Sky".

Students can paint the colors of the twilight sky through the music of this G-major solo. Melodic and rhythmic repetition will aid in learning and memorizing this piece. The addition of damper pedal creates lush harmonies and frees the hands to move around the keyboard. The sophisticated sound and style might be particularly appealing to teenagers and adults.