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Storm Chaser      ▪ Solo Sheet ▪


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A storm is approaching! Storm Chaser is an intermediate solo that captures the thrill of chasing an enormous tornado across your piano keys. In the key of D minor, this rushing piece swirls between a hailstorm of dynamics, articulations, and chords that makes students feel like they are a part of an action movie! These elements provide a challenge but also a great performance opportunity for thrill-seeking pianists!







Around the World on 88 Keys, Book 2      ▪ Solo Collection ▪


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Piano students can enhance their musical imaginations by exploring new sounds through new places with original piano solos that embrace the musicality, colors and rhythms of seven different destinations. Each piece is preceded by two pages of information that includes practice suggestions, tips for realizing the mood of the piece, and interesting sightseeing facts.


Titles include: Grand Canyon, Plaza de Toros in Seville, Barabar Caves in India, Orinoco River, Lake Geneva, Red Square in Moscow, and the Northern Lights in Norway.


"Grand Canyon" and "Plaza de Toros" were selected for the Federation Festivals list 2011-2013 and the Music Teachers’ Association of California.




Six Lyric Pieces      ▪ Solo Collection ▪


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This collection of six character pieces has titles and forms borrowed from

the standard repertoire. In a contemporary and accessible idiom, the sophisticated sounds will appeal to intermediate-level students.


Titles include: Prelude, Etude, Nocturne, Song without Words,

Barcarole, and Toccata.