From Lesson to Stage: Helping Students Become Successful Performers

Successful performances begin when a piece is introduced and continues in the lesson and at home each week until the day of the recital. This workshop discuss the arc of performance preparation for elementary and intermediate piano students. Topics will include choosing repertoire, introduction of performance repertoire, practice suggestions for early accuracy and memorization. 

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Group TeachingA Survival Guide

The major issues involved in teaching beginning and elementary piano students in groups will be discussed in this presentation. Topics will include class planning, sequencing of activities, classroom management, technique and introducing new repertoire. Videotape clips of group classes are featured.

The Blank Slate: First-Year Piano Technique

This session focuses on the skills, habits and attitudes necessary to establish a solid technical foundation with first-year students. Film clips from group and private lessons will illustrate teaching strategies that establish and maintain interest in piano technique.

Small Moments-Big Impact:  Teaching First-Year Students How to Practice

This workshop explores the various strategies for teaching first-year piano students how to practice in both private and group situations. Film clips of the first- and second-grade students illustrate the ideas presented. 

Student Repertoire: The Right Piece at the Right Time 

Choosing repertoire is one of the most important decisions we make. Finding that perfect next piece is crucial and can work magic with our students. It can transform a student who likes piano study to someone who loves it. This session will present elementary and intermediate piano repertoire by Ted Cooper that was written with this purpose in mind.